Free Events

All our regular 2020 events are cancelled due 


Not to worry! We've got you covered.

Sunday evenings at 8:30pm Central, we are hosting a 30 minute Meditate Milwaukee 

experience as a YouTube Premier Watch Party.

Click HERE to visit our YouTube Page

or watch on Facebook HERE

Past Events (2020)

January 5th

   Susan Bliffert and Holly Haebig

February 2nd

  Ivan Zikyamov and Kaita

March 1st

  Tammy Limbach and Kyle Feerick

April 5th (Facebook Live)

  Kaita Bliffert


May 3rd (Facebook Live)

  Traci Schwartz


June 7th (Facebook Live)

  Ivan Zikyamov (Facebook Live)


Past Events (2019)

January 6th

   Ragani and Fred Bliffert

February 3rd

  Traci Schwartz and Mike Kashou

March 3rd

  Ron Moor and Scott Hestekin

April 7th

  Meg Vetting Lucks and Kaita

May 5th

  Jayne Ader and RU-IN

June 2nd

  Susan Bliffert and Fred Bliffert

July 7th

  Tammy Limbach and Fred Bliffert with Kaita

August 4th

  Jahmes Finlayson and Peter Roller

September 1st

  Rima Shah and Holly Haebig

October 6th

  Shayne Broadwell and Traci Schwartz

November 3rd

  Ragani and Robin Pluer

December 1st

  Kaita and Fred Bliffert