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What people are saying about our events.. 

I love the coming together of many hearts to help heal the community, to heal ourselves. I feel a deep sense of peace, calm, and oneness.


-Robere K.

Meditation has offered me a new perspective on life and how I relate to those around me. I think group meditation is so important because it can broaden the reach of the benefits on the surrounding community. It also offers a place for someone like me to be surrounded by my people. I don’t necessarily need to know the others in the room to know we are united by a common solution. So much good comes from a world full of people are seeking beyond themselves to reach for and think of others. Thank you for all you do - keep going!

-Samantha Sharkey

This was a wonderful outpouring of positive and loving energy for our community. What a joy to be part of this meditation.



This has been a blessing in my life!! The positive love energy is palpable and it has made a huge difference for me and how I send love out into the world. Thank you for sharing and creating this opportunity!! It is making a difference.


-Carrie D.

Meditation is important to me as it helps to center your mind. Sometimes life can get to you and you lose your focus. Meditation helps to get it back. I love that Meditate Milwaukee has done this and offers it to the community. I have enjoyed all the events I’ve attended and am truly grateful.


-Sarita V.

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